NJ criminal defense attorney Mark A. Bernstein

NJ criminal defense attorney Mark A. Bernstein provides compassionate and aggressive legal services in the areas of personal injury law, wills & estates, bankruptcy, mortgage modifications, traffic law, and DUI/DWI cases. Mark is experienced in advocating for the rights of his clients and is known for having handled thousands of New Jersey court cases.

It’s important that you do not hesitate to call an attorney when you find yourself in any type of legal trouble. The earlier you call the better. Criminal violations and being ticketed for DUI are serious matters. Let an attorney put your case forward and negotiate for the best deal possible. Mark can go to bat for you to ensure that you receive the proper treatment, payments, and compensation you deserve. He will help you through the maze of the justice system and advise you throughout the process of your options. Your case will be handled by Mark personally, not by an inexperienced associate. [ Read More ]